Legal Video

Our videographers know the impact of a professionally executed documentary video; you know that comprehension of complicated issues and retention of matters of fact and law are what wins your case.

Let’s work together.

Boston Court ReportersSM adheres to the best standards and practices of the National Court Reporting Association and the American Guild of Court Videographers.

Accident Scene Video

Provide vivid sound and moving image from the accident scene to support your client’s case.

Activities of Daily Living Documentary

Document the plaintiff’s activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and physical therapy. An A.D.L. documentary shows to a mediator, arbitrator, defendant, insurance company or a jury how your client has been impacted by harm.

Last Will and Testament Video

Show the testator declaring the instrument to be their last will and testament, their signature upon the document, and the legally required number of witnesses observing the execution in the conscious presence of the testator. Demonstrate the mental capacity of your client. Proof of due execution of a Last Will and Testament is substantiated by an audio-video recording.

Prenuptial Signing Video

Video record a prenuptial agreement reading and signing so there are no questions as to the agreement’s terms. Document that the signing is not under duress and no fraud is involved.

Pre-Construction Survey Video

Document the condition of the property and surrounding area before work begins. If damage does occur, a pre-construction survey guides restoration of the area to its original condition. A pre-construction survey protects against erroneous, fraudulent or excessive claims.

Post-Construction Survey Video

Document that construction is completed under the terms and conditions of the contract and that all work has been completed to code.

Video-to-Transcript Synchronization

Aligns a verbatim transcript to corresponding video content, making a video searchable and navigable. Export the synchronized video with linked exhibits into trial preparation and presentation software. Video-to-transcript synchronization also makes it easy to create powerful clips from video.


Professionally subtitled video increases comprehension and retention for everyone, without burdening them with the unfamiliarity of a legal software desktop display. We partner with industry leaders in subtitling. We understand the complicated balance between timing and appearance to produce the best subtitled video for you.

Subtitling is a powerful tool in litigation video. Good subtitling requires good transcription. You can count on us to give you both.