Court Reporting

In 2007, Boston Court ReportersSM was the first court reporting firm to offer digital court reporting in Massachusetts. We adhere to the certification standards and practices of the American Association of Electronic Reporters (AAERT) and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).

Digital Reporting

Digital reporting uses recording equipment, specialized software, and certified electronic reporter (CER) to produce a direct, unfiltered, real-life, and verifiable record of what was said, who said it, and how it was said.

In “play-back” rather than “read-back,” you hear the deponent in their own words—their emotions, tone and inflection, loudness or quietness, directness or evasiveness—exactly what was said. Compare the power of play-back to the power of read-back.

At the conclusion of the proceeding, you leave with an audio copy of the deposition or receive a copy by email.

New Service! Rough Transcript-with-Audio, Rough Transcript-with-Video

Boston Court Reporter’s new service, Rough Transcript-with-Audio and Rough Transcript-with-Video, integrates PC-based legal audio and video recording software with state-of-the-art voice recognition software.

The value of Rough Transcript-with-Audio and Rough Transcript-with-Video is quick turnaround time (from 6 to 24 hours) without incurring the additional cost for the expedited certified transcript. If you are conducting multiple depositions from day-to-day, a Rough Transcript-with-Audio and Rough Transcript-with-Video benefits your discovery by bringing focus and finality to questions relevant to the testimony of other deponents.

Trained proofreaders provide a quality control check to ensure a transcript that meets your immediate needs at an affordable price. Our new Rough Transcript-with-Audio and Rough Transcript-with-Video harnesses technology to add even more value to Digital Court Reporting.

Digital reporting offers powerful tools to save you time and money.

Realtime Stenography

Realtime reporting requires speed, accuracy, and technological know-how to handle complex depositions. Whether on site or at remote locations, we do everything necessary to make certain that your Realtime deposition comes off without a hitch.

Our Realtime reporters are the best in the business.

Machine Stenography

Machine stenography is in high demand. Rest assured we can provide a qualified and experienced machine stenographer to fit your budget and schedule.

Deposition Video

A video recording of a deposition can impeach or exculpate a deponent with remarkable effectiveness.

We follow the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) best
practices standards of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA).